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Jandakot Accident Repair Centre

Jandakot Accident Repair Centre

29 Buckley St, Jandakot, Perth, WA 6164
Lifetime warranty on all work
WA Motor Trades Association
Verified By DingGo
About Us Jandakot Accident Repair Centre was established in 1980 and has grown to become one of Perth’s largest vehicle repairers as the result of the owners vision and commitment of their dedicated staff members. Jandakot Accident Repair Centre is a part of the Car Craft group who are leaders in the smash repair industry and the first choice of the motoring public for smash repairs and vehicle body maintenance. Our reliable reputation has been gained by an ongoing commitment to our customer’s satisfaction. Our workshop is located in an easily accessible area of the Cockburn Central business district and just a short drive from the Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway. We offer ample parking and complimentary pickup and/or drop off at the Cockburn Central Train Station. Our Commitment to You - Dedication to simplifying the insurance claim process - Quality repairs carried out in a timely manner - Ongoing updates throughout the repair process - Willingness to listen to and meet your needs to the best of our ability - Exceeding customer service expectations Our Environmental Promise Jandakot Accident Repair Centre is committed to seeking to improve the environmental performance of our processes. Raw materials and energy are used efficiently, waste is recycled wherever possible, and emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. We use environmentally friendly procedures and equipment and our environmental management system is in accordance with the Green Stamp environmental accreditation by the Motor Trade Association of WA. See More..

Everything you need to know about Headlight Restorations in Hilton, WA

Headlight Restorations, tail light repairs & car light replacements are rarely repaired and usually an afterthought. Unless of course the headlight or tail light has been smashed in which case it needs to be replaced ASAP as your car is no longer roadworthy and you may also be fined if pulled over.

Headlight Restorations are a common part of the long term maintenance of your car. Prolonged weather exposure and UV radiation from the sun causes the headlight or tail light covering to dull, become discoloured, and erode. Modern headlights and tail lights are made from polycarbonate which is ideal for letting light pass through but is sensitive to scratching and chipping. For this reason, stone chips are common are often the cause of dulling, warranting the requirement of Headlight Restorations. When headlamp or tail light dulling gets very bad it starts affecting the safety of your vehicle and aesthetically makes your car look bad. When headlamp and tail light dulling starts to occur it’s common for people to seek headlamp restoration or repairs and replacement.

How to know when Headlight Restorations are needed? If you wash your headlamps and tail lights with a cloth and you notice that internal condensation or the dullness won’t go away it probably means the top coating of the light has been damaged. Polishing or buffing might work to help restore it, but if the dulling has spread all over the light cover it's probably time for some Headlight Restorations. Continuous buffing will likely make the dulling worse in the long run as the outer protective coating will be removed. DingGo panel beaters will assess if Headlight Restorations are possible, if a new UV protectant clear coat can be applied to give long term protection or if instead it's more economical to just replace the headlamp or tail light for you.

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Common Questions and Answers About Headlight Restorations in Hilton, WA

My headlight or tail light is cloudy, does it need to be replaced?

Not at all! As part of their Headlight Restorations process repairers can use a special solution to effectively restore your headamp to its original condition. This process will save you a lot of money. Find out how much your Headlight Restorations will cost by sending photos to DingGo through our free online quote service.

How much does it cost to replace a headlight or tail light?

The make, model and year of the car will dictate the price of the headlight or tail light. The replacement part prices start around $300 per light and can go up over $1000 depending on the level of “technology” in the light. If buffing and smash repair is possible our panel beaters will save you money and just repair rather than replace.

Can Headlight Restorations be provided by a mobile repairer?

In some cases a mobile repairer will be able to come round to your home or office and fit on a new part and light within an hour, ensuring your car is not off the road for very long.

I want to customise my headlights or fog lights, can you help?

Our network of local panel beater have got you covered. They can fit on new customised lights or replace your damaged existing customised lights.