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Belmont Smash Repairs

Unit 1, 26 Bluebell St, Belmont, Newcastle, NSW 2280

Welcome to Belmont Smash Repairs. Located in Belmont on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie, our business has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. With so much knowledge under our belts plus our reputation for repair excellence, trust in Belmont Smash Repairs. At Belmont Smash Repairs, we try to live up to our motto "We do just a little bit more". This has been recognised within our community, and we are proud to have won the Most Outstanding Automotive Service category at the Lake Macquarie Business Awards for 2000. Using the latest technology available to us, we are able to offer our customers superior panel beating with our "Autorobot" straightening and body alignment system from Finland, quality spray painting and curing in our baking oven, all types of welding and a lifetime Gold Warranty on all repairs. So for friendly advice and service with a smile, consult the award winning Belmont Smash Repairs team.

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DingGo Panel Beater Network and Services
DingGo has a trusted network of panel beaters and smash repairers, ready to help in your area. We have got you covered for any panel beating services or autobody repair needs. Our trusted network of panel beaters and smash repariers are specially trained repairers who utilise specific tools for ‘‘panel beating’’, which is a process to repair metal, plastic, and fibreglass bodywork panels on cars, vans, bikes, trucks and sometimes even boats. Panel beating works to bring your vehicle back to its original condition after they have been damaged. Sometimes this panel beating process also requires replacing parts when a part has become so damaged it's beyond repair or when it's cheaper to replace a part rather than repair it with panel beating.

DingGo source only the best independent repairers from local areas so we can ensure we find not only the best quality panel beater but also one who is local to you. In order to become a DingGo panel beater all of our smash repairers from all areas across Australia have to go through the DingGo six step verification process.

Step 1: Qualification Check

DingGo’s first step is to check repairers have the required licences and qualifications. The required certification varies from state to state. For example, in NSW, panel beaters must be certified by the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority (MVRIA).

We review their Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence number (MVRL), which will include a list of any previous claims or conditions put against their licence, their recognised industry qualifications, their registered place of business and their ABN. We include the repairer’s MVRL in their panel beater profile page, which you can see here.

In addition to the mandatory repairers licence, we ask if any of our repairers staff have NSW Fair Trading Qualifications such as Motor Vehicle Tradesperson Certificates (MVTCs).

Step 2: Reputation and Reviews Check

Panel beaters and smash repairers with good reputations have built these up over time through hard work, high-quality service and treating their customers well. We check their reputation by looking at existing customer reviews and also checking with other professionals we trust within our network or in the industry. We also check if the repairers have won any industry awards for service excellence. These are offered by reputable industry bodies like Paint and Panel magazine which runs the Paint and Panel Bodyshop Awards. You can see if a panel beater near you has won an award here. Lastly there are industry bodies that issue certifications like the internationally recognised I-Car Training program or state based body’s with membership standards like the Motor Trades Association in NSW. Pictured below is the badge repairers on DingGo get if they have a 4.5 star customer rating or higher.

Step 3: Warranties and Guarantees Check

All repairers in the DingGo network are required to offer some form of warranty or guarantee on their repair work. Fixed workshop auto repairers have a lot more equipment to provide a more comprehensive repair than mobile repairers. As such they often provide better warranties or guarantees on their repairs. It’s important our repairers offer warranties as this is a sign that the business is keen to back its quality of work and protect its reputation. Our best repairers offer a lifetime warranty or guarantee on their repairs, whilst others offer a number of years warranty instead. All of our quotes require our panel beaters to include their respective warranties offered.

Step 4: Personal Interview

Every single panel beater, smash repairer, auto repair workshop, paintless dent removal specialist and mobile repairer is interviewed by DingGo either in person or over the phone. We know every repairer by name. This is one of the most important parts of our review and verification process. We investigate their capabilities and service offerings and also get to know the owners and how they treat their customers and staff. We want to ensure every DingGo customer has a safe, quality, trustworthy and reliable service experience, so we need to ensure our panel beaters can uphold that. We always ensure they are approachable and friendly so customers feel comfortable working with them, in particular women, or people who may have been treated unfairly or had poor experiences in the past.

Step 5: Test Job Quality Check

Once they have passed all our initial verification steps we then sign them up to the network and give them their first job. This is an important quality assurance test, and we monitor these jobs closely to ensure the customer is happy and they have a high-quality repair experience.

Step 6: They are verified!

With their first test job a success, repairers are officially verified and now part of the DingGo trusted repairer network. We now let customer reviews regulate our repair standards ensuring they complete jobs to a high customer rating standard. Those who are rated poorly will be taken off the network.

Pictured below is the badge repairers on DingGo get if they have been verified by DingGo and therefore made it into our trusted network of repairers.

DingGo offers all dents, scratch, paint and smash repairs services ranging from accident repairs to rust repairs. Here is an overview of the different panel beating services we offer:

Accident Repairs
For Accident repairs, crash repairs and collision repairs DingGo takes on the hassle of dealing with the accident repairs and vehicle damage. We’ll help guide you through the challenges of insurance claims and get you back on the road quickly. Send us photos of your accident damage and we’ll email you up to 3 quotes for the cost of the collision repairs within 24 hours. You can find more information about our accident repairs here.

Alloy Wheel Repairs
DingGo panel beaters can repair alloy wheel damage, including, gutter rash, curb damage, and other cosmetic damages such as rim damage. Fortunately alloy wheel repairs are mostly straight forward and many can often be done by mobile repairer. You can find more information on our alloy wheel repairs here.

Alloy wheel repair techniques depend on the material of the rim. Some cheaper rims are made of steel while your more sporty rims are made of light metals, such as aluminium, giving them the name alloy wheels. Alloy wheel repairs requirements will depend first on the extent of the damage to be repaired, followed by the amount of painting required. Repairers will usually smooth back the alloy using special machines and then re-coat for a perfect finish. As this is a specialty repair it's not uncommon for panel beaters or smash repairers to outsource this to a specialist who will come into their workshop to do the job. In some cases a mobile repairer can come straight out to your home or work providing you have the space and access to power.

Auto Body Shop Repairs
Auto body shop repairs are repairs done by a panel beater or smash repairer within a specially equipped auto body shop workshop. Essentially a place designed to perform repairs to the exterior ‘body’ of a vehicle. That's how it gets its name, ‘Auto’ is in reference to automotive vehicles or cars, and ‘Body’ for the exterior part of the car being repaired. Some smaller repairs can be done by mobile repairer who can come to a location of your choice, all they need is access to electricity and space. Most repairs are best done in an established autobody workshop where panel beaters and painters have access to a wide range of tools and machinery to complete a quality factory finish repair with warranty guarantees.

For the highest quality repair, it is always recommended to go to an autobody workshop where panels can be correctly removed, repaired, primed, painted, dried and refitted using special machinery in the most optimal controlled conditions to provide long-term durability against the harsh Australian climate. Auto body shops are best used when repairing larger areas of damage, particularly those with high exposure to the sun, which require paint blending across multiple panels. Doors or bonnets are prime examples of when it's best to use an autobody shop over a mobile repairer, plus you are more likely to get the “good as new” factory finish your car deserves. You can find more information about our auto body shop repairs here.

Bumper Repairs
Bumper repair is a very common repair that our network of panel beaters are regularly required to repair. Bumper damage is the most common type of damage as they are intentionally located where most accidents and collisions occur, even minor ones.

Bumper repair is different to the main car body panel repair as bumpers are typically made from hard plastic which means they are cheaper to fix, but can tear easily and are more prone to suffer serious dents and scratches. DingGo offers bumper repair specialists who know the most efficient and cost-effective methods to repair them. Aside from keeping your vehicle looking great, it's important to keep your bumper's structural integrity intact to protect against future accidents. Fortunately the majority of bumper damage can be fixed by mobile repairers who can come to your home or office for a same day repair, providing you have the space and power. You can find more information about our bumper repairs here.

Car Window Repair & Replacements
DingGo’s network of panel beating and smash repair specialists regularly perform car window repairs and replacement. From the front windscreen, to the back window, to side windows, to rear quarter glass and mirrors we can help you with all of these car window repairs or replacement. Depending on the severity of the damage some windows often need to be replaced. In some cases if it’s a stone chip or small crack this can can simply repaired without requiring replacement. DingGo’s repair specialist can determine if the glass is repairable or needs to be replaced so we can help give you the best quote for your vehicle.

Fortunately car window repairs & replacements are often a quick process meaning your car is not off the road for more than an hour or two. In some cases a mobile repairer will usually be able to come round to your home or office and fit on a new piece of glass within 30 minutes. You can find more information about our car window repair and replacements here.

Dent Removal & Repairs
The most common repairs performed by DingGo’s trusted panel beater network is dent removal and repairs. Our panel beaters and smash repairers offer a wide range of methods to make sure you're getting the best service without sacrificing on quality. While some dents can be removed by paintless dent removal (PDR) saving you time and money, there are many cases where the metal has creased to the point of nearly cracking (or actually cracking) and therefore painting is also required. Unfortunately, these repairs require significantly more labour, products like body fillers, and sometimes new parts. After this a more involved type of dent removal is required, where the panel needs to then be repainted to restore the car to its original factory condition.

Providing clear photos of the dent or ding damage close up and from a distance helps us to assess the damage and find the best repair option for you. If it’s applicable, and we can save you money and time, we will send your job to paintless dent removal (PDR) specialists. If it's not physically possible to be done using the PDR technique we will send your job to our network of panel beaters, auto body shops and smash repairers for factory finish quality repairs at competitive prices. You can find more information about our dent removal here.

Hail Damage Repairs
Although DingGo’s trusted network of panel beaters and smash repairers can’t use our online photo quotation system for estimating on repairing hail damage we still provide a unique service to help many customers get their cars repaired. Unexpected hailstorms can cause severe damage to your vehicle's surface usually ending in dents and dings. The roof, boot, and bonnet are the most likely areas to be affected and the cost to repair is often very high depending on the number of dents and the severity of paint damage. You can find more information about our hail damage repairs here.

Headlamps & Tail Lights
DingGo’s trusted network of panel beaters and smash repairs provide headlamps restoration, tail light repairs and replacements. In the longer term, prolonged weather exposure and UV radiation from the sun causes the light covering to dull, discolour, and erode. Modern headlights and tail lights are made from polycarbonate which is ideal for letting light pass through but is sensitive to scratching and chipping. For this reason, stone chips are common on headlamps and often are the cause of dulling. When headlamp or tail light dulling gets very bad it starts affecting the safety of your vehicle and aesthetically makes your car not look very great. When this starts to occur it’s common for people to seek headlamp restoration, tail light repairs and replacement. Our repairers will assess if a new UV protectant clear coat can be applied to give long term protection or its more economical to just replace the headlamp or tail light. You can find more information about our headlight and tail light repairs here.

Mobile Repairs
As well as fixed panel beating and smash repair workshops DingGo also has Mobile repairers in our trusted repairer network. Mobile smash repairs can be used to fix car dents and dings, provided the damage is not so extensive that it needs to be taken to a workshop. We know convenience is a top priority when repairing your car and that’s why mobile repairers that can come to your home or office are a great solution. Our mobile repariers offer same day repairs, so you don’t need to go more than a few hours without your car and are not too expensive as they focus on fixing minor damage. Only smaller repairs such as basic bumper repairs, stone chips, scratches, some dents and alloy wheel repairs are appropriate. Any bigger damage usually requires large amounts of paint and blending which just cannot effectively be done outside of a workshop with all the necessary machinery. You can find more information about our mobile repairs here.

Car Paint Repairs
Car paint repair is a major part of automotive repairs and what our network of panel beaters and smash repairers repair regularly. Scuffs and scratches are the most common types of paint damage but fortunately, they can also be some of the easiest repairs. The cost of car paint repair depends on the size and location of the car paint damage. In some cases, polishing and spot repair are all you need to get your vehicle looking new again. Larger damage, especially when there's rust or long deep scratches, can be more expensive because entire panels and parts need to be removed and repainted.

DingGo repair experts are here to help you save money and time figuring what’s the best option for you. Our trusted network of repairers assess what type of painting is required and where possible will use Small to Medium Area Repair Technologies to do a localised repair so you can avoid a total panel paint respray, reducing the overall cost of the car repairs. They are artists when it comes to matching your cars paint colours. You can find more information about our paint repairs here.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)
Minor dents can often be fixed using paintless dent removal (PDR). As such DingGo has a selection of PDR specialists in our trusted panel beating network so we can handle these smaller repairs at the best price and convenience for our customers. These smaller PDR repairs often stem from hail damage, door dings, and minor bumps from other vehicles. The effectiveness of PDR is often defined by the flexibility of the paint and the extent to which the metal has been stretched by the damage. In short, it's a dent repair, without requiring any painting afterwards, which means its a lot cheaper and faster than traditional repair methods. You can find more information about our paintless dent removal(PDR) here.

Car Body Panel Repair
The primary services offered by DingGo’s trusted network of panel beaters and smash repairs is car body panel repair. Panel repair refers to when panel beaters and smash repairers use specialised tools to repair metal, plastic, and fibreglass bodywork panels on automotive vehicles. Sometimes this panel repair requires completely replacing damaged panels to bring the vehicle back to a factory finish. The most common types of panel repair required are scratch repairs, dent repairs, hail damage repairs, and bumper damage repairs. Panel repair on bumpers is the most common type of DingGo repair. You can find more information about our panel repair here.

Vehicle Restorations
Looking for car restorations? Have you got a classic car that you love or maybe a not so old workhorse that you want stored to looking great again? Then you need classic vehicle restoration. Vehicle restoration is the broad term to describe restoring a vehicle back to its original working condition. This includes major rebuilds to the body and chassis through to full resprays. DingGo’s specialist panel beaters and smash repairers will be able to assess your car, your requirements and discuss the process with you so you can agree on the extent of repairs that you are after. DingGo’s repairer work on everything from the classic cars to the modern vehicles always giving you the highest quality factory finish. You can find more information about our vehicle restorations here.

Car Rust Repair
Rust repair is one of the most expensive forms of car bodywork repair that the DingGo panel beater network handle. Rust occurs when there's significant paint damage that has reached so deep it has exposed the iron metal of the car beneath the paint directly to oxygen and water. Rust repair is most often required on the wheel wells and bumpers of cars as it can easily collect there. Rust on the body of the vehicle is often due to extensive sun damage on existing damage that causes the already damaged paint to bubble and peel and eventually expose the metal beneath. With DingGo you can rest assured our panel beaters and smash repairers will identify rust affected areas and offer competitive repair quotes. You can find more information about our rust repairs here.

Car Scratch Repairs
DingGo’s trusted network of panel beaters and smash repairers offer a comprehensive range of scratch repair options. Scratch repair requirements and severity are dictated by the depth of the scratch. Some surface level scratches can just be easily buffed out while others that go all the way to the metal will require more extensive repairs, including painting and application of clear coats. The colour and type of paint on your car also makes a big difference to the repair process and particularly the cost. This can mean a simple small scratch can require a large amount of paintwork and scratch repairs to return the car back to its original perfect factory condition. DingGo scratch repairs experts are here to help you save money and time figuring what’s the best option for you. Our repairers assess what type of painting is required to repair your scratch damage. You can find more information about our scratch repairs here.

Side Mirror Repair & Replacement
Side mirror repairs and replacement are most commonly caused by damage such as scratches, dents, broken glass, and entire broken parts. Whether repairing the damaged mirror or replacing, our specialist panel beaters and smash repairers can usually source cost effective, good condition, used parts to save you money. This replacement can often be done by a mobile panel beater from DingGo’s network within an hour. You can find more information about our side mirror repair and replacement here.

Spray Painting & Resprays
All DingGo panel beaters and smash repairers, other than our PDR specialists, are experts in spray painting and respraying vehicles. This is a critical service required in repairing all dents, scratches, scrapes, scuffs and dings where the paint has been damaged and needs to be repainted. You can find more information about our car spray painting and car respraying here.

Vehicle Detailing
Most of the panel beaters and smash repairers in the DingGo network will provide a exterior clean as part of their panel beater service. However if our customers are looking for a higher quality clean then we also have repairers who offer vehicle or auto detailing. This is a process of performing a very thorough clean, restoration, buff and polish to your vehicle producing a showroom quality cleanliness and shine. A car will have this detailing applied but internally and externally. In addition to a very focused cleaning, the process will usually involve the use of special chemicals to remove all dirt as well as finishing chemicals that are applied at the end of the clean to provide a long term protective coating and shine to the interior seats, dashboards, trims, external body and wheels of the car. In some cases a car detail might even involve adding a layer of protective coating to your car. You can find more information about our vehicle detailing.