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Everything you need to know about Restorations

Looking for car restorations? Have you go a classic car that you love or maybe a not so old workhorse that you want stored to looking great again? Then you need classic vehicle restoration. Vehicle restoration is the broad term to describe restoring a vehicle back to its original working condition. This includes major rebuilds to the car body and chassis through to full paint resprays. Our specialist smash repairers will be able to assess your car, your requirements and discuss the process with you so you can agree on the extent of smash repairs that you are after.

DingGo helps everyone from the classic cars to modern vehicle owners find the right restoration specialist to give the right factory finish.

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Common Questions and Answers About Restorations

How much does a vehicle restoration cost?

The biggest factors here are materials and the hours of labour needed to complete the restoration job. Panel beating repair shops will provide quotes based on their estimates but it’s important to note that cost can change as you get towards the end of a project. It’s better not to cut corners to meet a desired price but instead check in with the smash repair shop frequently to understand how things are progressing. Why not let us find you the best price restoration for your car? Use our quick quote service.

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