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Everything you need to know about Vehicle Detailing

Car detailing or auto detailing is a process of performing a very thorough cleaning, restoration, buffing and polishing of a car to produce a showroom quality cleanliness and shine. In car detailing a car will have both internal and external detailing applied. In addition to a very focused cleaning, the car detailing process will usually involve the use of special chemicals to remove all dirt as well as finishing chemicals that are applied at the end of the clean to provide a long term protective coating and shine to the interior seats, dashboards, trims, external body and wheels of the car. In some cases a car detailing might even involve adding a layer of protective coating to your car.

Due to the various levels of thoroughness and inclusions, vehicle detailing can mean different things to different people. At its bear minimum a simple car detailing might take three hours and cost around $250 depending on the size of the car and material of the seats. If your car is in bad shape it might even take longer and cost more. A proper car detailing will often take a day or even two and can cost close to $500. The scope of the work is very different in these two scenarios with very different end results for you to be aware of. Always be sure to be comparing apples with apples. We can help you out at DingGo offering different types to suit your needs and budget.

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Common Questions and Answers About Vehicle Detailing

What is vehicle detailing?

Vehicle detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of a car and restoring the vehicle to a showroom quality and shine.

How much does vehicle detailing cost?

Vehicle detailing is a broad term with no consistency in what is included in the service. For this reason a car detailing might be advertised for as low as $250 or as high as $500. If a full layer of protective paint coating is being applied then the cost of the detail could even be as high as $1,500. Be sure to see whats included as two prices are likely not comparing apples with apples.

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