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DingGo Auto repair Services
DingGo has a trusted network of car repair shops who specialise in auto repairs. We've got you covered for any auto repair needs. Our trusted network of car repair shops are specially trained to utilise specific tools for 'panel beating', which is a process to repair metal, plastic, and fibreglass bodywork panels on cars, vans, bikes, trucks and sometimes even boats.

Our repairers work to bring your vehicle back to its original condition after it's been damaged. Sometimes this process also requires replacing parts when a part has become so damaged it's beyond repair or when it's cheaper to replace a part rather than repair it. DingGo offers all dent, scratch, paint, smash repair, and auto repair services.

Latest Customer Reviews

West Burleigh Smash Repairs
Excellent professional service. Very friendly. Highly recommended
Farrukh Z. - 18 Jan 2021
Kass Smash Repairs
Great job and a thorough wash before returning the car to me.
Peter V. - 18 Jan 2021
Unique Customs Repair
I recommend Unique Customs Repair highly. John was easy to talk to, helpful with advice and did a great job. For a very reasonable price, John has added $$$ to the value of my old car - I should have done it sooner. John also helped me to find and replace a broken chrome trim. Thanks John.
Richard B. - 18 Jan 2021