Frequently Asked Questions

Can Panel Beaters create quotes from photos? Most cosmetic car damage can be quoted off a few very clear images. If you follow our guidance in the submission process to take three clear images from different angles and distances this will almost always be enough to provide a quote on your car damage. Our team at DingGo will check the images before passing on to Panel Beaters to ensure they are good quality.

If there are any issues with the images we will contact you. If there is non-visible damage, we suggest taking your car to a Panel Beater. Feel free to call us for independent advice. We are here to help.
How many quotes will I receive? You can expect to receive up to three quotes. We know from experience that three quotes are enough to make an informed choice without being overwhelmed by too many options. How long does it take to receive a quote? We aim to have quotes back to you within 48 hours, but this depends on the response time of Panel Beaters. Your job will remain open for 14 days for Panel Beaters to provide quotes. I have found the perfect quote how do I confirm my appointment? Simply click, “Book Now” and then you will have the option to tell us exactly when you would like to have your car repaired. We will take care of the rest and confirm with the Panel Beater the appointment time sending you a confirmation email. What if I decide not to accept any of the quotes? It is always up to you if you decide to take the quotes or not. We offer our service obligation free. If you wish to cancel after a submission feel free to call us on 1300 724 079 or send us an email at and we will remove your submission so Panel Beaters are no longer quoting. Is the price quoted the price I will pay? Yes. When you select a quote the price you see for the Repair Service is the price you will pay. The Panel Beater gives you a description of the work they will perform to repair your damages and the agreed price. There are no hidden fees. Should the Panel Beater discover additional damage upon physical inspection that was not visible in the images they will always contact you first. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with the work or not. It’s always up to you! Does the price quoted include all parts and labour? Yes. The price you see will include all components of the repair including any parts, any paint and labour. What are additional services and how do I know what’s included in my quote? Additional services are different for each Panel Beater and quote and are included to make the repair process as pleasant as possible for you. These include things like a free loan car, free car pick up, free drop off, free car wash, waiting rooms with tea and coffee. The full quote breakdown including the additional services are displayed below the price in each offer to you. Everything listed under the quote price is included in the total price you pay. There are no hidden fees.

If there are any special requests don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 724 079 and we will see what we can do for you.
Can I change my repair service date after making a booking? Sure, we understand that things come up. Just call us on 1300 724 079 or send us an email at and we’ll happily reschedule your booking Can repairers come to me? Yes. We have a network of mobile repairers who specialise in alloy wheel repairs, chip and scratch repairs and minor dent repairs. They will happily come to your home or office. When your quotes come back simply look for the comment, “Mobile Repairer” located beneath the business name. Will my warranty be affected if I book with a Panel Beater on DingGo rather than with the dealership? Certified Panel Beaters and Mobile Repairers are indeed qualified to carry out repairs as per manufacturers specifications, without affecting a New Car Warranty. These repairers will inform you in their quote if they are using genuine manufacturer parts. Some Panel Beaters even come highly recommended by manufacturers to complete repairs particularly for certain luxury cars. Look for these call outs on the Panel Beater Profile Pages. If you are still uncertain and looking for a recommended repairer for your vehicle please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 724 079. Do Panel Beaters on DingGo offer a warranty on their work? Most our Panel Beaters offer a warranty on the parts they use and the work they do. This warranty length varies for each Panel Beater and is visible in each quote you receive as well as on each of the Panel Beater Profile Pages. Can I use my insurance on DingGo to pay for my vehicle damages? Absolutely yes. Most our Panel Beaters work with the major insurance companies. We recommend you first understand what it is going to cost as most damage under $1,000 to $1,500 is not usually worth making an insurance claim due to your excess and likelihood of premiums going up the following year after making a claim. We recommend you check your policy and see the next FAQ for more information.

If you decide to use your insurance to pay for the damages please let the Panel Beater know and then let them take care of the rest for you. They will have experience in dealing with insurance companies on your behalf.
Is it cheaper to use DingGo instead of claiming my repair through Insurance? This depends on the extent of the damage to your vehicle. In many cases, particularly with small repairs ($300 to $1,000) its more cost effective not to claim your vehicle damages through insurance and to use DingGo to get the best quote. This is for two reasons:
  1. All car insurance policies have a payable Excess for any claim, which is the contribution you make towards the repair and then the Insurance company covers the rest. In most cases your excess will be between $500 to $700, but can easily be higher depending on your policy. If the vehicle damage costs the same or less than your excess then it is not worth using insurance as it might be more expensive or effect your premium (see point 2 below) in following years. Also note that drivers under the age of 25 usually have excess above $1,000.
  2. By claiming a repair through insurance your premium may go up. Your premium is the annual amount you pay for insurance on your vehicle and often includes a no claim bonus discount which depends on the number of years you have not made an insurance claim. After you make a claim your premium usually goes up in the following year and you lose your no claim bonus. This rate of increase varies by insurance company.
Am I able to select the Panel Beater of my choice or do I need to use the one my insurance company sends me too? No, most the time you do not have to use the Panel Beater your insurer sends you to. Insurance companies will usually offer you to go to one of their preferred suppliers. While this often benefits them by keeping their costs down, it does not necessarily mean it’s right for you. These workshops might have a long wait time for a repair, not specialise in your vehicle type or be inconveniently located for you. There is also nothing to suggest these workshops are any better or worse than independent repairers.

Fortunately, most major insurance companies also allow you to choose your own Panel Beater as they recognise this is important to customers. We recommend to always check your policy to confirm first.

Almost all our Panel Beaters work with the major insurance companies and have experience dealing with these claims on your behalf. So, if you find a repairer and quote you like on DingGo let them know you wish to use insurance and then let them take care of the rest for you.