Transforming vehicle accident management

Privately Owned

Why waste your precious time phoning panel-shops, negotiating for priority service, driving around and waiting for repair quotes? Leave it to the experts - we deliver professional-standard accident management to private motorists.

SME Fleets

Small to medium enterprises are the life blood of the Australian economy, DingGo is an Australian owned and operated company and we understand the sector well.

Corporate & Government

DingGo Crash management serves some of Australia's largest corporate and Government fleets.

Business Partners

DingGo Crash Management partners with a range of providers in the insurance and fleet services sectors to deliver best in class accident management to clients.

Transforming Vehicle crash management through custom built technology to simplify and automate a complex process.

Accident Management

From incident to repaired vehicle back on the road, our accident management service handles it all. We work closely with insurers and our repairer network, providing towing, hire cars, and detailed reporting for a seamless experience, ensuring you're back on the road stress-free.

Fleet Risk Management

Accident management is key to mitigating fleet risk by swiftly addressing incidents and minimizing downtime. Proactive measures, including driver training and real-time reporting, reduce repair costs and enhance overall fleet performance, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Seamless Mobility

When your car is in for repairs, we ensure you stay on the move with one of our replacement vehicle options. Our hassle-free process includes both free and paid replacement vehicles and drop-off and pick-up services with certain providers, allowing you to focus on your day while we take care of your transportation needs. Your satisfaction and mobility are our top priorities throughout the repair journey.

Trusted by the most innovative brands
“DingGo provides a great customer experience and is truly unique in the market. It’s an innovative approach that can add a lot of value to our fleet customers and save them lots of time and stress”

SG Fleet CEO, Robbie Blau.
“With more than 3000 jobs completed through DingGo, we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction of our repair process and a reduction in complaints by up to 50%. Obtaining three quotes enables our customers to have greater transparency in a ‘fair market cost’ to repair the vehicle. The DingGo team have been keen to understand our business so as to best meet the needs of our customers. This has been a god send!”

Mathew Byrne, Head of Claims, Uber Carshare
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