Corporate & Government Fleet Collision Repair Management Services by DingGo

DingGo has been a trusted partner for corporate and government fleets since 2018. Renowned blue-chip corporates in Australia rely on DingGo to tailor and implement customised programs that align seamlessly with their unique business and operational needs. Our comprehensive services extend to Federal Government, State Government and Local Councils, providing a health & safety compliant driver support facility, ensuring fleet fitness with safety standards for challenging environments, and delivering robust management reporting.

DingGo, a recipient of the prestigious Paint and Panel Industry Award for Innovation in 2019, excels in delivering standalone, best-of-breed accident management services. We also collaborate with alliance partners to develop turn-key fleet management solutions.


DingGo specialises in independent accident management and collision repair services for fleets of all sizes. Our core value proposition is straightforward: professional fleet management with DingGo saves time, resources, and money while prioritising driver safety and convenience. Outsourcing accident response and collision repair administration allows businesses to focus on their core activities. Apart from our core services, DingGo offers service extension options and fully customisable programs to meet unique operational requirements.

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Service summary

DingGo provides a unique nationwide accident management solution, proven to reduce incident rates. Our tailored accident management program efficiently coordinates logistics, communications, and repairs. We optimize time and efficiency by seamlessly linking with key stakeholders in the supply chain, including insurers, brokers, assessors, and a network of certified collision repair specialists accepted by all insurance companies.

DingGo boasts superior customer satisfaction and service offerings.

Key Features of DingGo's Services:

  • Nationwide toll-free service with a maximum caller response time of 60 seconds
  • Salvage and towing coordination (towing costs billed directly to your insurer)
  • Proactive and timely communications coordinating all parties involved.
  • Replacements cars in most locations which can include drop off and pick up.
  • Quality damage repairs to manufacturers' specifications
  • Quality damage repairs to your fleet' specifications (Inc signage, Decals & Stickers)
  • Daily progress tracking and proactive status updates
  • Customer log-in access to a specialised cloud-based portal for transparency and permanent record-keeping
  • Windscreen/glass claim coordination and on-site replacements

Management Reports

DingGo offers a wide range of management reporting options tailored to your needs. From simple monthly activity summaries to complex incident data analysis, our risk management tools help identify common incident causes and support targeted remedial actions proven to reduce costs and improve safety.

Health & Safety

DingGo recognizes the importance of protecting a mobile workforce. We assist fleet operators in complying with health & safety obligations by delivering best practices in vehicle selection, maintenance safety, and driver safety protocols as well as driver data to identify all drivers in breach of the fleets acceptable incident rates.

Our technical team & systems

Our dedicated team, "The DingGo Team," comprises professionals with extensive experience in insurance, trade, and collision repair sectors. Our state-of-the-art telephone technology and software systems ensure prompt, dependable responses. We prioritize a human touch, eliminating machine screening and maximising access to information for users.


In addition to our core accident management services, DingGo offers a range of service enhancements, benefits, and reporting packages at competitive prices. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and receive a customized proposal for your fleet.

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