Our Story

We love our cars. What Australian doesn't?

As you can imagine we were devastated when we accidentally dinged our car one evening whilst leaving a particularly tight car park. We put a big dent in the door panel and an ugly scratch in the paint.
We experienced those typical feelings of anger, followed by the frustration and then the realisation we would have an ordeal ahead of us to get it repaired back to how it was before.
The repair journey is a very time consuming, stressful and often expensive one.

Going through this process we realised there had to be a better way.

In this digital day and age we should be able to just photograph the damage and upload it to a website so they can send us back options for smash repair prices from high quality trusted panel beaters in my local area.

That is exactly what we created DingGo.com.au to do.

We are a little over a year old now and we have hand selected a network of great panel beaters, smash repairers, and mobile repairers, all genuine people, ready to help. Our repairers are looking to embrace technology to grow their businesses, which in turn helps you fix your car more conveniently, easily and more cheaply.

The DingGo team started as a group of car loving friends from Sydney with diverse backgrounds who came together in 2017.

Our aim here at DingGo is to make repairing your car more convenient and to bring trust, transparency and value to an industry that many of us are hesitant to approach. We have lots of cool features coming your way and appreciate your support of this early version of our platform.

We hope to change the way people view repairing their cars, so that no car has to go unfixed.

So if you're in need of a car scratch, dent, repair or ding? You can now DingGo, just Snap, Compare, Repair.

Shaun Janks co-founder at DingGo.com.au

We would love to know what you think and how we can make things easier for you.
Call us on 1300 724 079 or send us an email at help@DingGo.com.au