Triple A Crash Repairs is a long standing crash business located in Kent Town. It has a reputation for quality work, timely service and attention to customer needs. Triple A Crash was started by Aldo Iglio in 1992 and has become a feature of King William Road Kent Town In 2008 the business was purchased by the current owner Jason Miller. Jason had started work at Tom Howard Crash from school and risen from office person to Administration Manager. He left Tom Howard Crash for several years to work as the Regional Manager of Auto Quote, a renowned Australian crash industry work and business management system. From this position with Auto-Quote Jason returned as The Owner of Tom Howards Crash Repair. His reputation for the management and quality work at Tom Howard Crash resulted in the family of the late Aldo Iglio inviting him to participate in a closed tender for the AAA Crash Repair business. Jason’s bid was accepted and his took ownership of AAA Crash Repairs in 2008. Under Jason’s ownership the business has grown year on year with the introduction of new plant and improved work processes. The business focus is on quality work and customer service is evidenced in the continued support of the corporate clients and the major insurance companies.


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August 18, 2022