7 Tips for Car Break In Prevention

7 tips for car break in prevention and deterring thieves

Published on Monday, 04 November 2019 at 17:09
Car break in prevention: How to deter thieves
Nicky Bentley 27th September 2019

While you can never completely prevent a car break in, there are many tips that can be utilised to deter thieves. First thing’s first, leaving your wallet on your passenger seat creates a very tempting opportunity for a thief to break in. Even in safer areas.

Common sense aside, here are a few tips on putting your best foot forward when it comes to car break in prevention.

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Tip 1: Always lock your doors

While it may seem straightforward, oftentimes people forget to lock their car doors, making it too easy for someone to steal your possessions, or even your car. It always pays to be safe and give your car handle a jiggle before heading inside.

Tip 2: Look for well-lit spots in carparks

If you’re parking in a carpark at night time, your best bet would be to park underneath the lights, or in a well-lit carpark altogether. This way, it will be easier for security or other people to spot a car break in and help with prevention.

Tip 3: Don't store valuables in your car

This may again seem like a no-brainer, but it is very easy to leave your wallet or laptop for a short while in your vehicle while you leave the car unattended. Although hiding your valuables in the car is a better option, thieves will still look under seats and in compartments if they suspect there is something worth stealing.

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Tip 4: Leave your glovebox open

This is an easy way to showcase that you aren’t hiding anything in a protected compartment.

Tip 5: Remove the GPS suction cup off your window

If you’re still riding in a mid-2000s style car with a separate GPS system, your best bet is to remove the suction cup attachment from the window. Otherwise a burglar will know the device is still in your car somewhere.

Tip 6: Keep ute and truck cargo areas open

If possible, keep any trucks or ute cargo areas open, showing potential thieves that there are no valuables hiding in your boot.

Tip 7: Use a Police warning card

If you’re truly nervous about a break in due to an unsafe area, as an additional method of break in prevention we recommend heading to your local police station and grabbing a warning card. This card acts as an additional prevention device by visually informing thieves that there is nothing in your car.

While it may seem token, the psychology behind this sign typically works. By having this warning sign in your vehicle, you are indicating that you have thoroughly considered the possibility of a break in and have consciously gone out of your way to warn thieves that you don’t have any valuables to steal.

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