Car Headlight Repair Cost

How much does it cost to repair a headlight?

Published on Tuesday, 18 January 2022 at 00:00

How much does car headlight repair cost?

Matilda Douglas-Henry

Your car headlights are crucial to the safety of you and your passengers, and are essential for driving at night and in other hazardous conditions. While some extreme circumstances create the immediate and urgent need for headlight repair—say, a front collision that smashes or damages them—it’s important to have them serviced regularly to see if they need other forms of maintenance. 

In this article we will break down the components of car headlight repair, including:

  1. Signs that your car headlights need to be repaired
  2. What causes damage to car headlights 
  3. The types of repairs your headlights might need
  4. How much car headlight repair costs 
Car Headlight Repair Cost

How do I know my car headlights need to be repaired or replaced?

You need your car headlights to be assessed for repair or replacement if:

  • The light is foggy;
  • The light is dull or yellow;
  • One light is dimmer than the other;
  • Headlight bulb flickers when switched on;
  • The plastic lens is scuffed, scratched, or cracked;
  • The headlight is smashed. 

What damages car headlights?

Your car headlights are a highly exposed part of your vehicle, making them particularly vulnerable to wear and tear. If your headlight is dull or flickering you likely need a bulb replacement, which is a quick and easy solution. 

Exposure to the elements—sun, debris, poor air conditions—can scratch and dull your headlights, and make the light they emit hazy rather than sharp and clear. This indicates a problem with the lens cover: it has been infiltrated with salt, dirt, or UV rays, making the light cloudy. 

The placement of car headlights also means that small pieces of debris from the road can fly up and hit them. A scratched plastic lens might seem like a small aesthetic imperfection, but it can reduce the amount of light that casts out onto the road, which seriously affects your visibility behind the wheel*

Then, of course, there are the more extreme iterations of headlight damage. Vandalism and front collisions can lead to headlight covers that are smashed and beyond repair. Don’t forget that driving with a smashed headlight cover is illegal, so you will want to take it to the mechanic immediately*

What kind of repairs might my car headlights need?

Car headlight repair consists of relatively straightforward and, in some cases, inexpensive procedures that shouldn’t have your vehicle off-road for long. While your peers may suggest that it’s so simple you may as well fix it yourself, we recommend forgoing the risk of accidentally aggravating the issue and taking it straight to a qualified technician. 

Functioning headlights are incredibly important for your safety, so it’s best to have them professionally repaired. Headlight restoration techniques include:

  • Checking for blown fuses and faulty sockets;
  • Replacing the headlight bulb;
  • Sanding and polishing the lenses to smooth over any cracks*.  

How much does car headlight repair cost?

Headlight bulb replacement can cost as little as $20, with price points exceeding $100 depending on the amount of labour required. (For example, some makes and models require the headlight assembly to be entirely removed from the vehicle.)

Lens replacement and entire headlight assembly replacement fall into a similar price frame, ranging from $100 to $750 depending on the complexity of your vehicle’s headlight system*


Given how important headlights are for your car’s foundational safety, if you notice any issues with them you should get them replaced immediately—and we’re here to do the hard work for you. Use DingGo’s quick quotes service today to find the right technician for your needs. 

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