How Can I Clean Bird Poop From My Car?

How to prevent paint damage to your car from bird poo

Published on Friday, 03 May 2019 at 14:25
How Can I Clean Bird Poop From My Car?
Nicky Bentley 30th April 2019

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning and being greeted by a fresh coat of Cockatoo crap on your car. Not only is it incredibly unsanitary, but it can also eat away at your cars paint and cause paint damage due to the acidity of the poop. As such, it is very important that you remove it as soon as possible!

car paint damage from bird poo

We come bearing good news, though; You may be able to remove the stains before any paint repair is needed and without spending hundreds at a car wash! Here is a list of our tips to help minimise any car paint damage caused by nature’s loudest residents:

Put some precautions into place
The unforgiving Aussie sun is the mortal enemy of car paint stains. Sunlight and heat encourages the acid to bake into the paint even faster, putting you at risk of permanent car paint damage. If possible, park under available shade or in a garage. Just be vigilant when it comes to parking under trees, because, you know, birds will be birds.

Another way to assist in protecting your car paint job is to make sure that you have a solid layer of wax on your car. This ensures that the acid from the poop is unable to immediately absorb into the paint, giving you additional time to clean it off and prevent needing paint repair. Or better yet, purchase a protection cover for your car if it tends to stay parked for long periods of time.

Clean it off ASAP!
As soon as you spot bird poop, grab a bucket of lukewarm water and car soap and gently wipe it off with a rag/sponge. If it has already hardened, place the wet cloth or sponge on it for a few moments, followed by some gentle pats. Make sure not to rub, as the hard pieces could leave permanent scratches on the paint which will need to be smash repaired. If you’re still fighting a losing battle, your best bet is to head to a petrol station or nearest smash repair shop, as they will sell heavy duty products that may help.

Still no luck? We’re always here to help! Submit photos of your car paint damage via our website and we will provide you with some quotes for car paint repair from 3 of our verified repairers!

Hopefully you found this article helpful. If you want to get your car repaired the easy way then just ask us for a quote. It's free and it only takes 3 minutes and 3 photos of the damage

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