How much does bonnet respray cost

Cost for painting a car bonnet

Published on Friday, 09 July 2021 at 00:00

How much does bonnet respray cost?

Matilda Douglas-Henry

Your vehicle is always prone to chips, dent, and weather damage, and they are perhaps no more on display than on your car bonnet. Because of its large surface area and its location, bonnets are easy targets for wear and tear of the paint; fortunately, getting your bonnet resprayed will have it looking good as new, and it’s a quick and easy fix. In this article we will explain: 

  1. How to tell if you need a bonnet respray
  2. What is involved in a bonnet respray
  3. How much bonnet respray costs 

Car Bonnet Respray

How do you know if you need a bonnet respray?

It’s pretty easy to tell whether your vehicle is in need of a respray: the paintwork becomes faded or flakes away, causing the metal beneath the paint to reveal itself. Exposed metal rusts at a rapid rate—once this happens, you are looking at much pricier repairs. As is the case with all repairs, it’s essential to fix external damage promptly, even if it seems largely cosmetic. 

What is involved in a bonnet respray?

The first thing you need to do if your bonnet requires respraying is shop around until you find the right paint technician. Each paint specialist is different, and a thorough and comprehensive valuation is essential in ensuring that the paint job you receive is best for your situation. This can be a bit of a pain and requires time and patience; use our quick quotes service to make it less stressful for you. 

The bonnet can be removed easily from the body of your vehicle, which makes it a much more straightforward process. The technician will first sand the original paint off the bonnet, and repair any small dents or scratches. A new primer, base coat, and finally a clear coat is applied before the technician places the removed bonnet back onto the car1

How much does bonnet respray cost? 

Like most car paint jobs, the price will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, and what type of paint work your car has had in the past. (Metallic paint, for example, will automatically result in a higher cost.) And depending on the quality of your paint job overall, you might be interested in a respray of the entire vehicle rather than just the bonnet. Refer to our “Car paint repair cost” article for a further price breakdown. 

A bonnet respray might cost as little as $250, but a price point this low typically signals a respray job that doesn’t pay close enough attention to blending the resprayed area with your vehicle’s remaining panels. With a common car model that has a relatively small bonnet area—say, a Mazda 2—a bonnet respray could cost somewhere between $300 to $5002

If your bonnet has damage beyond faded or flaking paintwork—say, some significant scratches or dents—or the paint is metallic, the estimate is more in the $550 to $900 range. Expect to pay even more if your vehicle is restored or has old parts. 


Getting your bonnet resprayed won’t keep your car off-road for long at all, but finding the best specialist for the job can be a time-consuming hassle. Don’t forget to use DingGo’s quick quotes service today to relieve you of the stress. 

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