Panel Beater Costs Explained

The varied panel beater and smash repair costs explained

Published on Thursday, 27 May 2021 at 11:48

How much does panel beating cost?

By Matilda Douglas-Henry

Here at DingGo, we recognise the essential value in finding the best panel beater to take care of your vehicle after a collision. In this article we will look at everything you need to know about panel beating, including: 

  1. What is panel beating?
  2. What are the techniques and procedures used in panel beating?
  3. How much does panel beating cost?
  4. How to save money on panel beating

What is panel beating? 

Panel beaters—also known as smash repairers—are the technicians you look after your car and others in the aftermath of a collision or other accident that has left damage. A panel beater’s responsibility is to restore vehicles to their original condition. 

What techniques are used in panel beating?

A panel beater is well-trained in a variety of techniques and methods to restore your car. As vehicle technology continues to become more advanced, the complexity of the tasks a panel beater is required to carry out increases exponentially. Some of the jobs a panel beater will perform on your vehicle are: 

  • Removing, repairing and replacing damaged panels, and replacing any parts damaged beyond repair
  • Applying special fillers to repair dents and scratches
  • Installing body hardware (locks, sensors etc.)
  • Repainting the vehicle and blending surrounding panels 
  • Adjusting the frame of the vehicle, if necessary*
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How much does panel beating cost?

Panel beating can cost anywhere between $350 and $6,000+. There are a multitude of factors at play that determine just how expensive panel beating will be; the most glaring of these being the car type and the parts needed for a full repair. It may be tempting to save money on cheaper, non-genuine parts, but it will undoubtedly cost you in the future. 

The same goes for paint jobs. It’s important to use high-quality paint and ensure that the tint used by your panel beater matches that of your car. The better the paint quality, the more expensive it will be—especially if the paint is metallic—but it’s vital to get it right to prevent damage down the road. For more information on paint repair, our “Car paint repair cost” article thoroughly breaks down the many types of damage that require repairs, and what they each cost. 

It’s also worth considering how your location will determine the price of panel beating services. In Sydney, for example, panel beating costs $400-$700 on average; in Brisbane, the average is $350-$500, and $500-$700 in Melbourne*

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How to save money on panel beating

When looking for the right panel beater to fix your car, at DingGo we recommend our quick quotes service to help you navigate the many technicians in your area. You will receive up to three quotes and be able to compare price, services, time to repair, ratings and even repair scope and techniques. It's important to not just select the lowest price, you should take into account all the detailed of each quote to determine which best suits your needs.

If your damage is extensive and it’s therefore difficult for a panel beater to assess the extent of the damage with just a photo, in that case it’s important to have an in-person consultation so the panel beater knows exactly what your vehicle requires. 

While searching for the best panel beater, ensure that you ask whether they offer any warranties, and most importantly for a detailed and itemised quote after their physical inspection of your car. 


Locating an efficient, reliable panel beater is one of the most important things you can do to revitalise your vehicle after it has experienced damage. Finding the right panel beater for you can be an overwhelming process—especially due to the wide range of cost—which is where we come in. Use DingGo today and experience just how easy it can now be. 

Hopefully you found this article helpful. If you want to get your car repaired the easy way then just ask us for a quote. It's free and it only takes 3 minutes and 3 photos of the damage

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