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Carly streamlines accident claims with Insuret and DingGo

Published on Monday, 18 October 2021 at 16:52

Carly streamlines accident claims

Clunky online claims duplication eliminated by single DingGo and Insuret platform

Article published by GoAuto News on October 18th 2021. Read the original full article here.

A DRIVE within leading Australian car subscription operator Carly to rid the company of inefficiencies and roadblocks for customers has resulted in the launch of a single online claims system that integrates accident claims between Carly, its insurer Insuret and the digital vehicle repairer DingGo.

The three companies got their heads together to solve what was a concerningly clunky claims process for those Cary subscribers who were unfortunate enough to have an accident.

As a result the digital smash repairs platform DingGo has launched a new first-of-its-kind insurance claims feature for fleet customers, through a bespoke integration with Insuret for car subscription service Carly. This innovation gives customers a seamless, completely digital, insurance claims and repair process.

Drivers with a Carly car subscription can now submit a claim through Insuret’s Digital Claims Portal, and the repair requirements for those claims can be sent straight to DingGo at the push a button. 

From there, DingGo delivers a COVID safe, completely digital and contactless solution for repairing the driver’s vehicle, with the Carly team easily able to oversee, approve and manage the repair.

The car is repaired and returned with minimal effort required from the driver, and no emails back and forth – everything from the initial claim, to the quoting and assessing are all done digitally with all data passed seamlessly between Insuret and DingGo via a secure API.

This consolidated data can be used by fleet customers for what is claimed to be unparalleled reporting, insights and business intelligence.

The initiative followed moves by the COO of Carly, Ben Hershman, who sees part of his role as a customer advocate within the subscription provider, even to the point where he is now one of Carly’ subscribers.

Mr Hershman told GoAutoNews Premium: “I actually have subscribed with my own money to a Carly car because it allows me to understand and think about what it’s like to subscribe, what it’s like to go and pick up the car and so on. And it got me really thinking about the whole experience from a different lens. 

“When a subscriber has an accident they have to complete some insurance forms and submit information.  

“But when we started to unravel the customer experience and ask ourselves what was that like, it was clear that the customer had to go into one place to put photos on so that the vehicle could go through the smash repair process and then they had to log on to submit details separately to the insurer. We provided them the links of course, but they had to go to two different places to complete the formalities,” he said. 

“And so we sat with Insuret and DingGo and asked how we could make this a smoother experience for the customer? How can we make it more streamlined? 

“Now we can provide the customers with a single link. We, Carly, can talk to them first and then we can provide them with the link where they can go to one place, which is the Insuret portal. 

“Our customers can provide the information about the accident and they can provide the information and photography required so that the vehicle can get assessed. And then the Insuret portal, essentially through APIs, will communicate with the DingGo portal and vice versa.”

DingGo founder Shaun Janks said: “All the DingGo Fleet benefits are now accessible for Insuret’s fleet customers at the touch of a button. This partnership creates significant advantages for fleet managers – completely streamlining the claim-to-repair process, with everything done digitally and through a driver’s mobile phone.

“Administrative burden and manual processes have long gotten in the way of finding the best repair option for both the fleet and driver. This is now eliminated by providing trusted local repair options and clear, insightful data on every repair. It’s faster, simpler and more measurable. It’s the way the repair experience should be.”

Jason McDonnell Founder and Managing Director of Insuret said: “What this innovation has delivered for both our customers drivers and fleet managers is a seamless experience, an elimination of the email back and forth and a faster, more efficient and easier-to-manage positive outcome.”