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Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs

Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs

62 Burrows St, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD 4006
Lexus Accredited
Subaru Certified Repairer
Lifetime warranty on all work
Verified By DingGo
At Hadwen’s Prestige Collision Repairs a strong emphasis is placed on professional development and staff are trained to use the latest technologies and develop a high level of quality workmanship. Because of our long history, knowledge and relationships within the industry, we learn about the latest industry developments as they happen. We have the expertise to work with any make or model of vehicle and, in addition, we specialise in Lexus and Subaru vehicles. For employment opportunities at Hadwen's Prestige Collision Repairs please contact us. Hadwen's only employ the right people for the job – tradesmen of the highest quality in their field, backed up with the right training to fix your car right first time. Our technicians are always kept up to date with the latest developments in equipment and repair methods within the industry. They are sent to manufacturers' courses on the latest models, and paint suppliers' course’s on new colours and the latest techniques in refinishing. Hadwen's training comes in many forms - from on the job training and access to the most up to date workshop manuals, to getting training providers out on site and off site training sessions at specialist training facilities both in Brisbane and around Australia. See More..

Everything you need to know about Alloy Wheel Repairs in Mansfield, QLD

Alloy wheel damage, including gutter rash, curb damage, and other cosmetic damages happen frequently with city and suburban driving. Alloy wheel damage is also known commonly as rim damage. That sound of scratching when you pull into a parking spot is only made worse by the horrible sound of when you are pulling back out to rectify it. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately Alloy Wheel Repairs are mostly straight forward and many can often be done by a mobile repairer.

Alloy Wheel Repairs use various techniques, which depend on the material the rim is made from. Some cheaper rims are made of steel while your more sporty rims are made of a combination of light metals, such as aluminium or magnesium and other elements, giving them the name alloy wheels. These popular alloy wheels are usually painted in a base coating and then given a colour coat to give them that perfect shine or a custom colour. Alloy Wheel Repairs have various requirements which depend first on the extent of the damage to be repaired, followed by the amount of painting required. Panel beaters and mobile repairers will usually smooth back the damaged alloy wheel using special machines and then re-coat the alloy wheel for a perfect finish. As this is a specialty repair it's not uncommon for panel beaters to outsource this to a specialist who will come into their workshop to do the job. In some cases a mobile repairer can come straight out to your home or work, providing you have the space and access to power.

Whether your alloy wheels are painted, machined, or polished DingGo can save you a lot of money and hassle by helping you avoid replacing the part entirely when it's damaged. In some cases, when the wheel is bent or cracked it will need to be repaired separate from the vehicle and using a specialised car repair shop. Whatever your alloy wheel damage DingGo can help you find the right repairer for the job.

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Common Questions and Answers About Alloy Wheel Repairs in Mansfield, QLD

How much do Alloy Wheel Repairs in Mansfield, QLD cost?

The cost of the Alloy Wheel Repairs in Mansfield, QLD will depend on the extent of damage, the amount of painting required and the material the wheel is made from. For this reason Alloy Wheel Repairs in Mansfield, QLD can cost between $100 and $500 per a wheel. It’s easiest if you send DingGo a photo of the damage and we can give you a customised quote from our network of Alloy Wheel Repairers.

Can Alloy Wheel Repairs be done by a mobile repairer?

Yes in many cases, a qualified mobile repairer with the appropriate machines can come to your home or office and do the Alloy Wheel Repairs, providing you have space and access to power.

Do the alloy wheels need to come off my car to repair them?

It’s possible for the alloy wheels to stay on the car when conducting the Alloy Wheel Repairs, but often the mobile repairer will remove the alloy wheel to repair it.

When should I have my alloy wheels repaired?

Simple gutter rash or alloy wheel scratches are mostly a cosmetic issue so can be repaired at your discretion. Anything worse than that can be a safety issue. For example, if your wheel is bent it may mean that your tyres are damaged .

Can you repair an alloy wheel damaged by the curb?

Yes, curb rash is very common and one of the easiest kind of Alloy Wheel Repairs.