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Midway Panel Beaters

Midway Panel Beaters

1 Lefroy Ave , Midland , Perth, WA 6056
Verified By DingGo
30 Years of Industry Experience
Average reviews of 4.5 stars
10 Repairs
Midway Panel Beaters have a highly experienced team which strive to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with the repair we do to their vehicle. Accident Repair Service From Audi to Vauxhall and everything in between, we've got your accident repairs covered. Bookings for this are completely unnecessary, just come past the workshop at your convenience and we'll have our estimator take your details. Whether its insurance or private we can get your estimate sent off same day to your insurance company or direct to your email address. COMPLETE RESPRAYS We offer resprays of any kind. A closed door respray to tidy up your old reliable, or all the way to the top with a custom in and out colour from the ground up. With prices starting at $2800, we can find something to suit anyone. WHEEL RECOATING With today's standards keeping your vehicle looking good is essential. We offer wheel repair and painting service starting at $95 each. Get in touch today. See More..
Bellevue Spray Painting

Bellevue Spray Painting

11 Bushby St, Bellevue, Perth, WA 6056
Lifetime warranty on all work
Verified By DingGo
Family Business
20 Years of Industry Experience
Bellevue Panel & Paint in Bellevue is here to service all your vehicle needs. We have developed our expertise over the past 25 years in the industry. Whether your repair is private or you want to use insurance, trust us to get your vehicle back to its showroom condition. See More..

Everything you need to know about Crash Repairs in Ellenbrook, WA

Crash Repairs, accident repairs and collision repairs are a common requirement in Australia. The most common accidents are tail to nose collisions (35%), with stationary objects (24%) and whilst reversing (11%). Whether you’re at fault, using insurance, or not, DingGo takes on the hassle of dealing with Crash Repairs and vehicle damage. We’ll help guide you through the challenges of insurance claims and get you back on the road quickly. Send us photos of your damage and we’ll email you up to 3 quotes for the cost of the Crash Repairs within 24 hours. It's free to use so why not get started and get quotes now?

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Common Questions and Answers About Crash Repairs in Ellenbrook, WA

I’ve been involved in an accident, what should I do?

1) Take photos at the accident scene and be sure to exchange names, address, license, and insurance details with all involved parties.
2) If your car is drivable move it to a safe location and submit photos of that accident damage using our online quick quote.
3) DingGo will help you determine if an insurance claim is needed or if it’s better to pay for the Crash Repairs out of your own pocket, so you save money rather than paying for your more expensive insurance excess.

Do I have to go through my insurance company for Crash Repairs in Ellenbrook, WA?

In short, no. In cases where the repair is equal to, or less than, your insurance excess it can be more cost effective to not use insurance. This is because you avoid losing your no claim bonus and potentially increasing your insurance premium rates for the following year. Let DingGo help you get quotes and determine if it’s necessary to use insurance for your Crash Repairs. Get quotes now.

What if my car is too damaged to drive to the car repair shop?

Most panel beaters can organise to have your car towed to the car repair shop for an additional fee.

How long after the Crash Repairs have been completed can I drive my vehicle?

Panel beater will ask that you inspect their work first, once you are happy then you can drive away immediately.

Is there a warranty on the Crash Repairs to my vehicle?

Yes, along with the warranty provided by your insurance company DingGo panel beaters offer a minimum of 3 years warranty on workmanship and some even offer a lifetime guarantee for their workmanship.