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Welland Crash Repairs

Welland Crash Repairs

80 Welland Avenue, Welland, Adelaide, SA 5007
Verified By DingGo
Average reviews of 4.5 stars
5+ 5-star Reviews
Welland Crash Repairs is a family owned business established in 1976, which has built an excellent reputation as a first class crash repairer. We are a progressive up-to-date company that has identified the need to ensure our client service skills are recognised, and that we maintain a consistent, high level standard of product quality and service. Our aim is to be amongst the best in the business and to make customer satisfaction our first priority. We meet and exceed the highest standards necessary by providing: - Convenient location and modern premises. - Computerisation. - Right people with qualifications and experience. - Used approved material, tools and equipment. - Ensuring we get the job right the first time every time. See More..
Dynamic Paint n Panel

Dynamic Paint n Panel

17 Magill Rd, Stepney, Adelaide, SA 5069
DingGo Verified Business
Lifetime warranty on all work
Verified By DingGo
30 Years of Industry Experience
Family Business
Originally founded by Ross Condo in 1972, “R Condo & Sons” decided to move the business to the current site at Stepney after 5 successful years at Glynde. Many years later Ross’s son, Cos Condo began working in the family business. He started out as a teenager, sweeping the floors in his dad’s workshop, then worked his way through a spray painting apprenticeship. As a qualified tradesman, Cos took over the business after his father’s retirement in 2003. Since becoming the Director, Cos has developed the business into what it is today. Dynamic Paint N Panel are now operating two repair facilities are regarded as experts in automotive repairs and refinishing. With more than 45 years experience you can trust us to get the job done right. See More..

Everything you need to know about Windscreen Repair in Adelaide, SA

Windscreen Repair in Adelaide, SA are very common because this is the largest piece of glass in the car and it faces all flying obstructions objects front on so there are plenty of opportunities to damage your windscreen. DingGo can help you with all of your different Windscreen Repair. Depending on the severity of the windscreen damage sometimes windscreens often can't be repaired and instead need to be replaced. If your windscreen has suffered only a stone chip or small crack this won't need to be replaced as this can simply be repaired.

There are several things to be considered when determining if car Windscreen Repair are possible or if it needs to be replaced entirely, these include:
1. If the damage is extending through more than just the outer layer of glass.
2. If the crack is larger than a small chip in the glass.

DingGo’s Windscreen Repair specialists can determine if the glass is repairable or needs to be replaced and get you quotes within 24 hours. Get your free Windscreen Repair quotes online now

Fortunately Windscreen Repair & replacements are often a quick process meaning your car is not off the road for more than two to four hours. In some cases a mobile Windscreen Repair specialist will usually be able to come round to your home or office and fit on a new piece of glass within 30 minutes.

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Common Questions and Answers About Windscreen Repair in Adelaide, SA

When should I get my Windscreen Repair done?

If the window has a small chip it can often be repaired to regain its integrity. If you’ve got a larger crack, or the window crack impairs the drivers vision, then it's definitely best to replace the broken windscreen immediately as a matter of safety.

How much does it cost to replace a windscreen?

New windscreen prices are calculated on the make and model of your car. Usually, they start around $200 and go up from there.

How does repairing car windscreen damage work?

As mentioned earlier, not all car windscreen can be repaired. As a rule of thumb if the crack is larger than 3 cm you will need to have your car windscreen glass replaced. If the window chip or crack is smaller than 3cm then the damaged car window can be repaired, this is done with a special resin injection and the process follows like this:
1. Dirt, moisture, and splinters are removed from the chip or crack.
2. If the crack is clean and dry, special synthetic resin will be injected into the star.
3. A special vacuum pump is then used by the repairer to ensure that the injected resin spreads well.
4. The synthetic resin is then dried using a special UV lamp.
5. The processed piece of glass is then polished to make the glass clear again.