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Everything you need to know about Bumper Repairs

Bumper repair is a very common repair that our network of panel beaters are regularly required to smash repair. Bumpers are built to protect your vehicle from greater damage to the body of the vehicle. This means bumpers are one of the highest impact points as they are intentionally located where most accidents and collisions occur, even minor ones. As such bumper repairs are the most common type of damage that panel beaters repair.

Bumper repair is different to the car body panel repair as bumpers are typically made from hard plastic which means they are cheaper to fix, but can tear easily and are more prone to suffer serious dents and scratches. DingGo offers bumper repair specialists who know the most efficient and cost-effective methods to smash repair them. Aside from keeping your vehicle looking great, it's important to keep your bumper's structural integrity intact to protect against future accidents. Fortunately the majority of bumper damage can be fixed by mobile repairers who can come to your home or office for a same day repair if you have the necessary space and power.

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Common Questions and Answers About Bumper Repairs

When do I need a bumper repair vs. replacing my damaged bumper with a new bumper?

Scratches, dents, and other marks can likely be fixed with bumper repair. Structural damage or major tears to the bumper means you will need to replace it with a new part in order to avoid any safety issues. Send DingGo photos of your damaged bumper to determine if it needs a panel beater to provide bumper repairs or if instead it needs to be replaced. We can help advise which you need using our free, quick quote system.

What does it cost for car bumper repairs?

It depends on a few factors, including, whether the bumper is being repaired or replaced, the extent of the damage to the bumper, the quality of paint needed and lastly if the bumper can be half painted or instead needs a full respray. Bumper repairs usually start at $300 and can go up from there, if you need a replacement bumper the cost can increase from $600 to over $1,000 depending on the age and type of car. If you want to know how much your bumper repair will cost get obligation free quotes here.

How long does a typical bumper repair take?

A typical bumper repair usually can be done within 2 days, even if the bumper needs to be replaced (provided it’s a common car). In many cases, the bumper repair can be done by a mobile repairer provided you have proper space and electricity hookups available. If a mobile repairer can repair the bumper the repair will only take a few hours.

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