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Everything you need to know about Side Mirror Repair & Replacement

Side mirror repairs and replacement most commonly occur as damage such as scratches, dents, broken glass, and broken parts. It’s often the fault of a bicycle or another vehicle passing too close to your car side mirror. One of the most frustrating times is when you go to your car in the morning to find a truck in the night has taken off your side mirror and not even left a note. Luckily we are here to help and save you money on your side mirror repairs and replacement. It’s important to fix your side mirrors quickly if it’s impeding your visibility especially if it's missing because it's illegal to drive in Australia without a side mirror.

There are three types of side mirror repairs and fortunately there are usually cost effective and convenient repair options for each type:
Broken or smashed glass only. The situation where just the side mirror glass and nothing else is damaged. In this case a mobile repairer will usually be able to come round to your home or office and fit on a new piece of glass within 30 minutes. The cost of this will depend on whether your side mirror is convex or not and if it has any fancy new tech features built into the glass. Price wise you can be looking at between $100 up to $1,000 to have your new side mirror repaired and the new glass fitted.
Partial breaks to the mirror unit. Sometimes replacing the entire mirror is not necessary and our specialist side mirror smash repairers are great at sourcing just the parts you need so you only pay for what you have to. If you send DingGo clear images of your damaged side mirror and let us find you obligation free quotes that's the easiest way to save you time and money. This type of repair can often be done by one of our mobile repairer’s within an hour.
Entire side mirror unit broken. When the wing mirror to your car has been damaged and the side mirror housing unit is looking worse for wear unfortunately you will probably require an entire new side mirror unit replacement. Our specialist smash repairers can usually source cost effective, good condition, used parts to save you money and this replacement can often be done by a mobile repairer within an hour.

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