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Everything you need to know about Car Window Repair & Replacements

Car window repairs and replacement are very common because most cars have a lot of windows and glass and therefore there are plenty of opportunities to damage these parts. From the front windscreen, to the back window, to side windows, to rear quarter glass and even the mirrors, we can help you with all of these car window repairs or replacement. Depending on the severity of the car window damage some windows often can't be repaired and instead need to be replaced. If your window has suffered only a stone chip or small crack this won't need to be replace as this can simply be repaired by a panel beater.

There are several things to be considered when determining if the car window needs to be replaced entirely, these include:
If the crack starts and finishes at the edge of the mirror
If the damage is extending through more than just the outer layer of glass. DingGo’s repair specialist can determine if the glass is repairable or needs to be replaced and get you quotes within 24 hours. You can get obligation free quotes online here.

Fortunately car window repairs & replacements are often a quick process meaning your car is not off the road for more than an hour or two. In some cases a mobile repairer will usually be able to come round to your home or office and fit on a new piece of glass within 30 minutes.

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Common Questions and Answers About Car Window Repair & Replacements

When should I get my car windscreen repaired or replaced?

If the windscreen has a small chip it can often be repaired to regain its integrity. If you’ve got a larger crack, or the window crack impairs the drivers vision, then it's definitely best to replace the broken window as a matter of safety.

How much does it cost to replace a windscreen?

New windscreen prices are calculated on the make and model of your car. Usually, they start around $200 and go up from there.

How does repairing window damage work?

As mentioned earlier, not all windscreen damage or windows can be repaired. As a rule of thumb if the crack is larger than 3 cm you will need to have your car window glass replaced. If the window chip or crack is smaller than 3cm then the damaged car window can be repaired, this is done with a special resin injection and the process follows like this:

1. Dirt, moisture, and splinters are removed from the chip or crack.

2. If the crack is clean and dry, special synthetic resin will be injected into the star.

3. A special vacuum pump is then used by the repairer to ensure that the injected resin spreads well.

4. The synthetic resin is then dried using a special UV lamp.

5. The processed piece of glass is then polished to make the glass clear again.

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