Mobile car paint touch up, repair and dent removal

Mobile panel beaters are a convenient, lower cost touch up solutions if they can help you.

Published on Monday, 04 February 2019 at 17:29
Mobile Car Paint Repairs and Dent Removal Explained

Mobile smash repairs, conducted by mobile panel beaters, are a convenient and low cost solution for fixing your dented, scratched or paint-damaged car panels or alloy wheels. The trick is knowing what they can repair and what they need to be able to repair on-site at your work or home.

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What Can A Mobile Repairer Fix?

Bumper Repairs: Bumpers are built to protect your vehicle from greater damage to the car body. This means bumpers are one of the highest impact points as they are intentionally located where most accidents and collisions occur, even minor ones. Not surprisingly then, bumper repairs are the most common type of damage that mobile panel beaters repair.

Mobile car repairers can expertly repair bumper scratches, scrapes, scuffs and tears on-site, colour matching the original bumper paint and repairing to manufacturer standards. Even if your bumper has a hole in it or is split, a mobile repairer can usually repair it, using plastic welding equipment.

Panel Scratches: Car panel key scratches, scrapes, stone chips and minor panel damage are ideal for mobile repair. These common repairs can be fix in 1-3 hours, at your home or work. Even deep scratches that break through to the metal can be repaired by a mobile repairer using a spot repair technique also known as S.M.A.R.T(Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair. In terms of which panels mobile repairers can fix, it’s usually any vertical panel (so not the roof, bonnet or boot). Mobile repairers can usually repair up to four panels on a vehicle.

Dent Repairs: Small dents to external vertical panels, often made by shopping trolleys, tight garages and other car doors are also regularly repaired by mobile panel beaters. Mobile repairers can fix dents easily and quickly, colour matching to your vehicle’s manufactured colour. Mobile panel beaters match your car’s original colour by first getting the color code off your car then using a specialised spectrometer colour matching system to produce exactly the same paint colour. To paint the damaged area they follow the standard panel beater respraying process of sanding the damaged area, adding primer, then colour and finally the overcoat.

One thing to be careful of with dent repair is that mobile car repairers can’t fix all dents, just small ones. A good rule of thumb is if the dent is larger than a sheet of A4 paper, a mobile repairer might not be your best option. If it’s smaller than an A4 sheet of paper (and not on the roof, bonnet or boot) then a mobile repairer is a cost-effective and convenient option.

Alloy Wheels: Alloy wheel damage, or rim damage, includes gutter rash, curb damage, and other cosmetic damages, which can happen frequently with city and suburban driving. Mobile repairers fix the alloy wheels by first smoothing back the damaged rim using special machines and then re-coating the alloy wheel with paint colour-matched to the original colour. You can learn more on our alloy wheel repair services page.

Side Mirrors: Car side mirrors and wing mirrors are prone to scrapes and scuffs as they are often the first point of contact for cars entering tight spaces. The outer casing of the side mirror often gets scraped or scuffed before the driver realises it and corrects their course. Mobile repariers can fix any damage to the casings, including scrapes, scratches and cracks.

One thing to be careful with side mirror and wing mirror repair is that mobile car repairers can’t fix it if there is any mechanical damage or functional damage to the operation of the mirror. Any damaged technology or mechanisms within the side mirror can’t be repaired- this is a job for panel beater auto repair workshop.

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The Mobile Smash Repair Process

The Quote: Using DingGo mobile repairers can quote on your damage using just three photos that you upload to the website. They will send this to you for approval before commencing work and this quote will include all costs for the job including any replacements parts and time to travel to your location.

The Location Requirements: Mobile repairers can come to your home or workplace. They can’t do repairs in underground car parks due to ventilation and also lighting restrictions, but most locations that are accessible are suitable. The key requirements of the location are that it has access to electricity and water. Ideal locations are a wide driveway, open street parking or a home garage.

Mobile Repairer Set Up: Once a mobile repairer arrives at the location you have selected they will first assess the car repair work required, before following a careful repair procedure to ensure their repairs are completed in a clean environment. A clean working space is important because the mobile repairer will be spray painting your car in an open environment, leaving the car exposed to dirt and other external elements.

Once the space is ready, with floors or driveways are covered, the car is fully taped and sheeted to protect it from overspray and a small marquee is erected over the car to provide a work area compliant with Health and Safety requirements.

Mobile Car Repair Benefits

Customer convenience: Being a completely mobile operation, you can enjoy the highest quality vehicle repairs without even having to leave your home or office. Mobile car repair technicians come to you at a time and place that works for you.

Speed. Same day repairs - a few hours, not days: With mobile car repairers almost all repairs are completed within a few hours. The repair technology they need to repair your car is all transportable, which means they can repair quickly and on the spot. Most mobile repairs are completed with in 1.5 to 3 hours. This includes if painting is required, as mobile car repairers carry specialised heat drying equipment to cure and dry the new spray paint. This means that when they complete their repairs the car can be used right away.

Lower Cost: Since mobile repairers only fix smaller cosmetic damage, it’s generally cheaper than full workshop repairs. A lot of mobile repair estimates come in under most people’s insurance excesses too, so you can potentially save a great deal of money as well as save on your no claim bonus.

Mobile Smash Repair Requirements

Warranties: Different mobile repairers offer different warranties. At a minimum they will always offer a 3 year warranty on their workmanship. Some of the higher quality repairers will offer a limited lifetime warranty with every job they complete.

Requirements from customer: In order to complete a mobile car repair, the repairers need access to electricity and water.

Repair locations: You can choose either your home or workplace for the mobile repairers to come to. Mobile repairers cannot do repairs in underground carparks due to ventilation and also lighting restrictions, but most locations that are accessible are suitable. mobile repairer ideal driveway


Mobile auto repairs, conducted by mobile panel beaters, are a convenient and low cost repair solution for fixing your dented, scratched or paint damaged car panels or alloy wheels. If the damage you need repaired can be done by a mobile repairer and you have a driveway, garage or workplace with space and access to electricity and water then we can help help you find the best mobile repairers for your car. Get 3 obligation free quotes for your mobile repairs at the DingGo quick quote page now.

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